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This is a video of one of my brother’s best friends dancing to “Sure Thing” by Miguel. He’s currently a dancer at Berkeley and he did this dance as the one year anniversary gift for his girlfriend, which is the cutest thing ever. Anyways, he co-founded one of the dance groups up at UC Berkeley, which is called AFX! I love this dance so much. :)

Bomb - Trey Songz | JP Tarlit - Choreography

Amazing choreography. Amazing dancers. Amazing editing that didn’t take anything away from the dancing. Just freaking dope. Enjoy!

(Thank you reamudras!! Love this! So dope! :DD So happy you submitted this video! Thank you!)

Les Twins :: Urban Dance Showcase :: ReEdited Version 2011 :: Hip Hop New Style

-Sorry for all the dance vids! But just in a inspired mood…. Such amazing dancers seriously! 

#2 favorite performance!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this crew and this performance, defiantly their best one!!! <3 Amazing! And they absolutely KILLED IT.  


When they started dancing:

 When Ian got in front and ripped open his shirt:

After the whole performance:

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Loveee Lizzie Wicks… Sooo underrated! :D Check it out!! (p.s skip to 1:12 to get to dancing) :D Enjoy!!

Really enjoyed this crew also!! :D 

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Nick DeMoura | Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around ..Comes Around | Kub Skoutz

*This is completely amazing. Ahhhh! <3 

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Crazy amazing crew. <3

BE THERE.. &lt;3